How to deal with a rumour?

Theres a really bad rumour going around school.. and it’s true. But I keep denying it and saying it didn’t happen and lying about it, then people say well I know it’s true ‘cos I saw it. (not going to say the rumour)

How is best to deal with it? Carry on lying? Ignore the person when they bring it up? or admit to it and tell people to get over it?

I don’t know what to do I keep worrying and I thought it would go away but it hasn’t and it happened about a year ago!:(

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6 Responses to “How to deal with a rumour?”

  1. Lotty says:

    The best way to deal with this is
    just say so what get over it !!
    Some people are like a dog with a bone
    they just wont let it go
    If they know its a fact and not a rumour
    Stop tormenting yourself and deal with it
    Once they know it,s not bothering you
    They will stop talking about it

  2. Pop Princess says:

    I think you should ignore it and if the rumor really is as bad as you say you don’t have to admit it. Everyone makes mistakes and they can’t make you confess to it.

  3. aphrodite says:

    Just say " i aint talking about this anymore..jog on!"

    Another rumour about someone else will come along, people will get bored of asking you.

  4. Farah x says:

    I have a rumour going on about me, and its true aswel. Random people ask me about it, and some think im lying. its hurtful. But my Doctor told me , you can’t trust anyone at school etc.

    I told the school an they did an assembly about bullying, and keeping out of other peoples business. and don’t spread things etc. Thats helped abit.

    For you, do the right thing, admit to it. Get it over and done with, so you can move on, and not have this worry.

    good luck 🙂

  5. Ishaku Ibrahim says:

    it is better to ignore the source.,but if you have already been told and you confirm that it is a rumour then dont tell it out to another.

  6. moltisanti says:

    if it’s true it’s not a rumour

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