How to Deal With a Wool Rug That Smells

At times wool rugs do not smell good at all. Learn some methods that you can use to get the smell out of these rugs.

Wool is a very common material to use for household rugs. Wool is sturdy, lasts a long time, and look nice. There is one big problem that wool has compared to other materials. Wool at times can have a bad smell to it. There are many different smells that get trapped in wool rugs which eventually can make a room smell not like you want it.

There are some things that you can do to get rid of a smell in a wool rug. This will let you have a pleasant smelling rug again.

The first thing that you need to do is to vacuum the rug. This will not actually remove any smells from the rug itself. But it will get out things that will eventually cause the rug to smell worse. This is a preventative step, but it will also make your rug last longer too.

One method that you can use to make a wool rug smell better is to take it outside on a sunny, clear day and let it sit out in the sun. You do not do this too long as you do not want to bleach the rug. For one reason or another this will improve the smell of your rug. Put it on a tarp and flip it or hang it off the ground.

Cat litter is something else that you can use on your wool rug. Put a thin layer of this on the rug and leave it for a day. Do not walk on it as you can ruin the rug this way. Vacuum it up a day later and your rug will start smelling much better.

Get a tree tea oil spray or make your own. This can be sprayed lightly over the surface of the wool rug and help it smell much better. You never want to get the rug too wet.

Lastly, consider professional cleaning. This is expensive, but it is very good at getting smells out of any type of rug.

Source by Sean Jordan

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