How to deal with anger.?

Hay guys I just got a question deleated on yahoo answers and I am really mad. I would not be so mad but they did not tell me why. I feel so violated. Tell me some ways to deal with anger. I have tried deep breathing but I just hyperventilate when I do this.

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  1. ipoian says:

    Anger is a powerful emotion and one that all human beings possess. It’s just that in some people it is more robust, more crude. Anger is born of craving and aversion. If I want something desperately and I cannot get it, I get angry. On the other hand, I might be subjected to something I hate, therefore I get angry. I want that new Samsung mobile phone but I cannot afford it – I’m angry! My company has told me that I have to start work one hour early in the morning – I get angry.

    How to deal with it? Patience – pure and simple. When you arrive at a source of anger, whether through craving or aversion, pause for 10 seconds, take a couple of deep breaths and toss this debilitating emotion out the window of your mind. Learn to embrace life just as it is, moment by moment, and you will see a distinct difference in your life – believe me.

  2. hunkey monkey says:

    Throw your computer through the window, and you will never have this problem again

  3. Kyle Watson says:

    well i have a lot of hobbies. guitar, magic the gathering, draw on ocassion, anything to keep your mind occupied.

  4. Katie M says:

    When I’m angry I cry and punch something *not someone*

    Try playing a violent video game 😉

    **btw what was the question?

  5. Life Breeze says:

    Well I sometimes cope with anger sometimes like this:
    1. Listen to music
    2. Draw scary things that express my anger.
    3. Breath deeply
    4. Yell
    5. Throw things hard enough to break them
    6. Give people the silent treatment even if they were not the reason for my anger
    All this helps me 🙂

  6. Michele says:

    You could make a cyber attack on the server of yahoo for example 🙂

    Then the anger will go away… trust me !

    Byeeeeeee XD

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