How to deal with anger ?

How do you deal with anger in a non-violent anad sensible way ?

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  1. Coach Shana says:

    I remember that it is just an emotion I have. It’s not who I am. When I focus on something else the anger recedes. When I think of it again it comes back. I realize I am capable of all emotions and thoughts, but they don’t define who I am unless I focus on them.

    When I clean up stuff in my life my anger subsides more quickly. Like asking what part I played in an interaction that made me angry. I deal with my part. Or I find another area in my life that needs doing. Something I’ve been putting off. That reminds me of who I really am and I am better equipped to deal with the emotion of anger when it comes back. I ask myself: What is it that I am not seeing about this situation? What is here for me to discover about myself? Journaling or meditation helps to. Good question.

  2. Andrew says:

    Dealing with anger can be streesfull and it isn’t easy keeping anger to yourself. When I get angery, I go in my room or in my truck. I get away from everyone else, and try and breathe. I get my toughts together and think about what’s going on and how to deal with it.

  3. mat118 says:

    Shout, swear and hit something in private.

  4. t-painz says:

    flick the bean 😀

  5. young_stunna_78 says:

    I stay away from anything I like. I’m a dancer, so sometimes I try to dance off the anger. May sound stupid, but sometimes it works. Maybe you have something you like to do with your time that could calm you down. Maybe call a friend, play pool, watch your favorite TV show, eat, watch a humor show, watch a movie. Sometimes if I get really angry I just call a friend. Or, I watch something funny. Hard not to laugh. Don’t cry. Can end up bad places. Stay away from things you love lmao my computer is messed up don’t ask.

  6. Thomas D says:

    I agree with the first answer "Andrew". Dealing with anger can be kind of stressfull. Usually when I,m on my last nerve I usually like to get away from people, take a long walk think things out and try to get my head together However there is a definition for stress: A condition that exists when the brain over rides the body’s basic desire to choke the living $hit out of some @sshole who desperately deserves it

  7. Viona says:

    Whose anger are you dealing with?
    Your own anger or others’?

    If you want to deal with your own anger, u need to manage your emotion. Take a deep breath and think rationally. Think of happy thoughts. Once you can handle your own anger, it means that u can lead yourself. if you can lead yourself, you can lead others.

    If you want to deal with other’s anger, you’d know the cause of the anger. What makes them angry. listen to what makes them angry and pretend to agree with them to make them calm themselves.

    Angry people just need to be listened and understood.

  8. Miles says:

    Anger is a switch you control. It can take you either way. Every emotion is part of the human design. Learn to control it and breathe. Anger, love, hate, frustration… it’s all begins in the mind. Know the root cause, and cure it.

  9. jassssssper says:

    let the anger flow as you breath control it with your breath when your angry think about the way you breath then keep a steady rythm.
    you can divert ur attention from anger through pain but thts not ideal i usualy bite the inside of my lip.
    hatred,anger its just a distraction

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