How to deal with annoying housemate?

I have a housemate who is an old lady.
She talks really loud like she’s shouting and will annoy me endlessly with one sided conversation about herself

She stays up late (4-5am) making noise and keeping me up. I get like 2 hours of sleep.

She talks nonstop, even at night she talks to herself out loud for hours about how much her life sucks (she has to be on govt assistance…her back aches)

Sometimes when I’m brushing my teeth she comes in and uses the toilet.

I can understand her language but I cannot speak it. Language barrier.

How can I deal with her? Especially her nonstop talking?

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  1. SonadowEmoLurver says:

    sounds like my 5 year old niece. Some times it can’t be handled because they’ll always be who they are. The only option as I can see is either you move out to somewhere else, or she goes to a retirement home because you shouldn’t have to deal with that. I should know my niece always tells me how she hates her life, how everything is pointed to her, but sadly I cant get rid of her and I can’t change her. she’s just the way she is. They won’t change. The only thing is either move out or she moves out

  2. Dr Fluffy says:

    This sounds like a situation very few could deal with. The woman is obviously mentally ill, hard enough to live with even if a friend or loved one so almost impossible as a stranger.

    As an older person, she’s probably set in her way so avoid pointless confrontation & just find a new place quickly.

    good luck. sharing is the pits.

  3. Kanj Kumar says:

    Please apply cotton in your ears

  4. Raunnie D. says:

    It sounds like she could have dementia and she may be on medication. When brushing your teeth lock the door or get a bathmat with a rubber bottom and fold it like this > with the fold in the door crack – this will make the door impossible to open, and you can have your privacy. When she starts talking at you excuse yourself from her presence – act like your always busy or in a hurry around her so she doesn’t take it personally (and start slamming doors or something) Also is there anyone else in the house you could refer her to when she starts in on you "sorry I can’t listen right now but suzy is free you may want to bring it up with her" To block out the noise you could get a fan which blocks out the background noise and also put blankets on your walls which will absorb noise.

  5. Umboo LunQuay says:

    move out

  6. Seven says:

    Move out.

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