How to deal with annoying workmate!!!!!!?

I started work 2 months ago and the job is great and so is my manager but I reallly really hate my work colleague. She annoys me to death and I feel like leaving the job cuz of her (I have to work with her for 2 weeks as my manager is on holiday). She always insults me in front of customers, like when I am serving them she tries to steal them by saying ohh she is new so will take 30 mins more than me or I can offer you better rate. One day I was drinking coke from can and she lectured me about professionalism while she swears in front of the custs. I know I have to deal with ppl like this along my way but I dont know how to. She puts me in bad mood everyday. She always brings me down with her negativity. She says I dont need this job, I can leave whenever and tells me bad things about the company. I try to ignore her but I feel I have reached my limit :(. Its like when she is in bad mood we all should feel the same, selfish cow!!! :@ please help me or i am gonna burst one of the days or just leave the job as last resort :'(. And also please do tell me about your experiences if you had any xx
Hi Anita L, I work for money shop, my store is small so only 2 ppl at one time. Because I am still new I need to ask her for authorization of some transaction. But she likes to come over and take the cust to her side, mind you the company looks at figures i.e who did big transactions and stuff -_-, so I can tell her to mind her own business. I tried to talk to her one time but she didnot understand her fault haha, one of the person who things they know everything :(. I have never come across such person in my life!!

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  1. Anita L says:

    I dealt with a number of difficult co-workers throughout the years. Some were insulting, some tried to keep conflict stirred up, and there were also those who tried to make themselves look good at my expense. There’s never any end to horrific co-workers, I can promise you. No matter where you work or what you do, you can never escape them. What worked best for me was to be honest and assertive whenever possible, focus on being the best employee I could be, and try to remember she’s making herself appear much worse than you. Most people can see through such behaviour, so the last laugh will probably be on her. You don’t say what type of work you do, but I think I would try telling her something to the effect, "maybe it would be better for you to stop worrying about my performance and start focusing on your own." Then smile and walk away. Best of luck!

  2. Smeagle says:

    Punch her in the face ensuring there is no witnesses around first then quit

    good luck!!!

  3. MOSS says:

    As "Anita L" said: honest and assertive.

    You could go to your manager first, but be sure to say that you would prefer to try and sort the matter yourself first. That you simply wanted to keep them apprised of the situation and would not like to be thought of as somebody that wasn’t able to sort these things out themselves or that would run their mouths off without reason.

    You obviously don’t want to rat her out but at the same time you have to consider that she may say you are being rude and assertive towards her.

    Be patient and don’t lose your cool.

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