How to deal with Arachnophobia when in Australia?

I’m arachnophobic – I get into a panic attack of I see a spider larger than about 1.5inches diameter (about 3cm). If it’s smaller than that, I’d get an initial shock, but if it’s, let’s say at the other end of the room, I’d be alright. If its close to me, I’d get away from it. Larger than that – I’d run out of the room and get someone to take it away.

Now, I am going with my parents to Sydney, Australia to spend Christmas and New Year with family over there. It’s summer time over there, and I’m just wondering of anyone would give me any tips as to how to deal with my arachnophobia whilst I’m there, thanks.

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  1. tentofield says:

    Australia is not crawling with huge spiders. There are some big ones here but the commonest spider you will see is the daddy-long legs, also called the cellar spider, which is small but with long thin legs. It is completely harmless. These are often seen inside houses and are responsible for cobwebs. Outside the house around the windows you will find black house spiders but you have to go looking for them. There are various spiders in the garden that build webs. The largest of these are the Nephila species, the golden orb weavers. They won’t bother you and the worst you can do is walk into a web. Keep your eyes open.

    Occasionally you might see a huntsman spider inside the house. I removed one the other day but it was the first in two years – and I live in the country. If they freak you out, and they did me until I forced myself to learn to deal with them, get someone to remove them when you see one.

    The two most dangerous spiders are the Funnel-web and the redback. The Sydney funnel-web is the only funnel-web spider that regularly comes in contact with humans. The other species live in forests and are seldom seen. In twenty five years living in Sydney I never saw a funnel-web spider. Unless you live on the north shore and do a lot of gardening you are unlikely to see one. Redbacks are small and relatively common but you will have to go looking for them to find them. They like dark, damp areas like woodpiles.

    Twenty three million people live in Australia and many of them are scared of spiders. They live with their fear easily because they see the big spiders so rarely, if at all. Don’t worry about spiders and have a great time. You probably won’t see any that bother you.

  2. Daniel says:

    Mate, I’m just as scared of spiders. I will never go to Australia…
    I will pray for you..
    Good luck.

  3. Bill says:

    Talk about spiders in Australia is over rated.

    Chances are you will NEVER see one at all.

  4. Aussie the Second says:

    No need to panic …chances of you coming face to face with a large spider are almost nil. Very few Aussies ever do !

  5. Deb says:

    Most spiders live in the outdoors, they only come inside by accident. When in the garden you don’t disturb mulch, pick up logs, don’t hang washing under trees, etc. You won’t see one in a hotel room.

  6. Jungle Jim says:

    Its no problem – make a hat out of tinfoil (it scares the spiders) and put a large dab of Vegemite behind your ears (it repels them)

  7. Truthful Jones says:

    It was a warm evening, here, last night. The wife & I were seated, watching TV, in our back TV/rumpus room. We had both doors open to allow fresh breeze to enter. This allowed some small moths to enter the room & gather near the ceiling light. Later the wife pointed out two spiders near this light – obviously after the moths for a feed.

    One was a large harmless huntsman spider (about three inches across) & the other was an unidentifiable black spider of about one inch across.

    I am regularly cleaning spider webs from beneath our patio; our shade house; from under the capping of our fences etc. Plus I, from time to time, walk into spider’s webs (& spiders) when walking my dog in the bush.

    So those Australians who tell you that you will probably never see a spider in Australia must live in a sealed container on the 10th floor of their inner city residence.

  8. -Sheila- Happy Diwali everyone says:

    Truthful Jones is right, there are spiders aplenty here. But we’re all still here and thriving. If you look for spiders you’ll find them. Mostly outdoors but they do come inside too.

    I used to be absolutely terrified of them. I grew up in Sydney next to bushland, funnel web country. Couldn’t go into a room if I knew (or suspected) there was one there. I got so sick of it ruling my life that I decided to embrace them (metaphorically), demystify them by learning about them. The first thing I learnt was that no spider preys on humans. They don’t want to know anything about us. They just want to quietly live their lives, eating each other and flies, mosquitoes and other insects along the way. So they are our friends. I now actively encourage them in my garden and if I find them in the house I either leave them alone or if they’re in the way or in danger I catch them in a jar and put them outside or under the house.

    So, next time you see a spider (or even a picture of a spider), get to know it a bit. Knowledge is power!

  9. Bingalee says:

    One could be forgiven for thinking England has no spiders! Check out these British beauties.

    It is a nonsense to think they are any worse or more prevalent here than in the UK.

  10. Mr ? says:

    You most likely wont have any problems. But spiders are more plentiful in Australia than the UK.

  11. cc_of_0z says:

    You deal with it the same way as you do where you are right now. Spiders are everywhere on the planet, not just Australia. So whatever precautions you take now to avoid spiders, do the same in Sydney. The overseas media loves to portray Australia as being infested wall to wall with the most deadly animals on earth. Well there are over 23 million people living permanently in Australia. The last time there was a fatal spider bite was about 30 years ago. Meeting spiders is rarer than you think. In the short time frame that you will be staying in Australia I would not expect you to see anything more dangerous than a daddy long legs, which are completely harmless.

  12. broken hill phil says:

    The adults might be a bit bothersome but there is no problems with baby ones like this >

  13. Beau says:

    Sydney is home to a huge population of red back spiders.

    They are frightening, fast-moving and venomous creatures. They are also nocturnal and tend to dwell in bedrooms.

    Last time I was in a Sydney hotel it was 3am and I flipped when I saw a red back under my pillow.

    Make sure your family does a total clean up of the room that you will be sleeping in.

  14. Bella B says:

    I’ve lived in Australia all my life.

    The spiders I see mostly indoors, let’s put it this way, I have freckles that put put them to shame because they are that small…

    Otherwise I have seen Daddy Long Legs indoors and they are cool, they’re easily put on a piece of paper and put outside or somewhere high up out of the way…

    Outside I’ve seen orb spiders but they prefer their webs, usually in trees and shrubs. You can usually see them…

    You can get treatment with a counsellor but can do stuff yourself (so starting off with imagining one and taking steps to being in the room with one in like a zoo.) (

  15. C.M. C says:

    Oh please Patrick, I think the largest I saw was a small Daddy Long Legs around where I was living. The worst I saw was in the outback, and I don’t think your headed there.

    The best way is relax man, just try and enjoy Christmas with the family, I had a ball over there. It won’t be a traditional white Christmas, but it will be memorable. Man those Australians are excellent in the kitchen and on the BBQ.

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