How to deal with damp and mould?

Any tips for dealing with patches of damp on a house wall? It’s an outer wall, not a partie, and the damp causes black speckles of mould on the paintwork of the room inside.

I have a condenser boiler whose steam outlet is in the vicinity of this wall – could that be contributing significantly to the damp problem?

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  1. POOH says:

    Wash walls with a mixture of bleach and warm water. To stop it returning, have air vents put in all rooms but on the outer wall of the house. I did and mould no longer exists. Windows have stopped sweating too. The room needs air to breathe.

  2. bekie says:

    Im having exactly the same problem, i have brough a 3 in 1 mould killer (from B & Q) which i have painted on. Make sure that the room is well ventalated as you are doing it. I am having air blocks put in this week, this may help with ventilation. Also i have been informed that the damp corse has gone (im not too sure what that is so it may be worth you looking into it too). I have also had the room insulated again but that didnt help.
    Good luck, i know its not fun 🙁

  3. David G says:

    What is ‘mould’………………………

  4. skibm80 says:

    What’s happening is that the air in this corner is moisture rich and stagnant. The warm moist air can hold all its moisture until it gets close to this wall. At this point the air doesn’t move around very much and starts to cool off because of the outside wall. As the temperature reaches Dew point on the wall moisture droplets form (similar to Dew on the grass during the summer) and this leads to your mold problem.

    I would suggest getting a small house fan and have it blow in that corner to move the air around so it doesn’t have time to cool off greatly, then I would pour some bleach into a spray bottle and spray all the mold. the bleach will stink so make sure you have ventilation, but it will kill it all.

  5. william l says:

    HI condension from inside i s causing your trouble .wash with strong bleach and leave from 24 hours wash clean Try a tin of No more damp Cuprnol paint both bleach and pait are srong smell so have vent alion like leaving window open while appling paint and bleach.. Have a look at the outlet than will have something to do with the cause …..

  6. bud says:

    I would get a builder to sort it out before it gets worse, the longer you put it off the more expensive it will be

  7. SALLY D says:

    As its an external wall I would be inclined to check out the guttering in this case you have another problem.

    You need to make sure that there really is no penetrating damp..if there is not then keep a window open on a trickle with the mould with bleach..

    I’m not sure if a condenser boiler would cause this..could you ask a heating specialist the question with a quick phone call.

    So make sure it’s not penetrating damp, and if its not you need to ventilate the room with fresh air continuously.

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