How to deal with disappointment?

I’m too scared to take a pregnancy test in case i’m not pregnant and don’t know how to deal with the depression I’ll probably get from finding out i’m not. But i’m always worried in case I am pregnant. How do I cope with whichever out come I have? I’m very anxious and upset thinking about it.

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4 Responses to “How to deal with disappointment?”

  1. army_wife says:

    If you’re worried about depression it’s probably not the right time for you to be thinking about getting pregnant. You need to deal with your personal issues before getting pregnant and being depressed and having to deal with a small child.

  2. Expecting second son 12/5 says:

    take the pregnancy test. it will be okay. besides you can always try again next month

  3. Linzy's wee man due March 2 says:

    Well the longer you wait the harder it will be if you are not pregnant. Stop psyching yourself out, drop trou and pee! (on a hpk) lol

    Good luck!

  4. dougal says:

    Just relax and take the test, you are not alone in feeling low if negative. There is always next month and people to talk to on here. Lots of baby dust xx

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