How to deal with foot aches when walking?

I’m doing my DofE and I’ve been on a practice expedition and I have to admit, it was hell of a pain in the ass at the time. But now that I look at it it’s not too bad, could’ve been worse. Anyhow, for my qualifying expedition, I want to be more prepared for what’s coming. So how do you deal with your foot pain? I’ve realised that whenever I stop for a break it’s actually more painful because I can start feeling all the pain. But even if I keep walking, it’s still painful, anything I can take? I’m gonna be walking for 6hrs for 2 days? I’m going to the gym to raise my endurance level but is there anything else I can do about the pain?
Pills? Any workouts? Any tips while actually walking?
All effort appreciated 🙂

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2 Responses to “How to deal with foot aches when walking?”

  1. ShadowMaster Lupin says:

    Shoe inserts will help. You can also roll a golf ball with your foot pressing down on it as much as you can bear from front to back and side by side 10 times each way for 2 sets 2 times a day. Also doing small jump squats or calf raises will help to strengthen the fascia on the plantar ( floor ) surface of your foot

  2. Mis says:

    Don’t think about it

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