How to deal with hate….!????

my friends little cousin was over and he punched me ( hes 7) (I’m 13) and he falls after words. he goes and tells his parents that I pushed him. I obvisilly did not try to deny it because they obvisilly already took his side. his father gave me a long lecture about how would it be okay for him to push me down.. and… it was very provocative.

but how do I deal with the hate that they think I pushed down their 7 yr old kid?
Not sure if u can see this as a reply. not sure how to reply. but it’s because they hate me because I "pushed him to the ground" even though I didnt.

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  1. joyce g says:

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    OK. I got it. So you think that they hate you now? It sounds like it is really important to you that what they think about you. Are you at home now?
    This sounds like an important issue. My little sister used to set me up all the time when we were growing up. She would do something and blame it on me or if I wouldn’t do what she wanted, she would start crying and run to our parents and tell them I hit her and of course, I would get in big trouble while she was laughing behind their backs. When I began thinking about that years later I wished that I could go back and talk to someone I had a teacher that liked me and I think she would have heard my side and stood up for me. It’s these times when we all wish we had a big brother, right?
    As far as dealing with someone else’s feeling, you can just know that it is not your problem. If they are critical and don’t listen and are not fair, then they are that way in all of their life and that is just the way they are…there is nothing you can do to change them. You can, however have yourself for a friend and take care of you and understand yourself. The only person you will be able to change in your whole life is you.
    Find an adult friend first of all. Someone you can trust and can talk to at least some. Then tell them about all of this. Tell them you have questions and really need some answers. It should be someone who knows you at least some so they can understand what you are dealing with a little more easily. Then just hang in there. ‘This too shall pass..’ Always remember that because it is true.

    Nathan, do you mean that they hate you did this or you hate that they didn’t understand or..? Can you help me with this a little? I could answer your situation much better then. This sounds like it has happened before. Was it with other kids or this same one? Thanks, guy!

  2. Nitin Kumar says:

    talk to them in private and in soft voice ..that you haven’t done it !!
    And explain them the reason why you kept your mouth shut at that time!!
    And also start offer chocolates and candies to that young child!!


    You can tell them the truth softly, avoiding any arguing.

    You need to turn all negative thinking in to positive thinking:

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