How to deal with insecurity?

I’d like to be vague, unfortunately mine is not a short tale.

Grew up constantley being compared by my grandmother to my much slimmer taller fairer cousins, and this kind of verbal abuse scarred me, otherwise I wouldn’t have been so insecure. They have amazing bodies and are so confident and i’m so happy for them I wouldn’t want anyone to feel this way. I hate my body I have stretch marks, back acne and i’m an gaining weight, they really are flawless. I don’t compare myself to people in magazines but to see real-life people look so flawless while I myself look terrible, really really hurts. I’d like to accept the way god has made me and I don’t blame anyone for my appearance. I guess I was dealt a crap hand. You don’t know what it’s like to have to cover you body all the time or to never look good in dress because your back is drenched in pimples or for your grandmother to call you fat. And you willl never know, so don’t tell me it will get better because it won’t .I know a lot of people have stretch marks and nobody is perfect but people like my cousins are pretty damn close. I just happened to get the full package back/chest Acne+strech marks+ cellulite+becoming overweight+ average/not pretty.

If my body is so ruined on the outside I might as well ruin it on the inside. I don’t care just tell me what to do, drugs, should I start smoking, slit my wrists ? I will do absoloutely anything to escape this reality.

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  1. Princess Vespa says:

    Well, I have terrible acne on my face, Can’t cover it up it’s there for everyone to see and I am 29 and have had it since I was 11. I have always had low self esteem because of the acne and lousy choice of friends. I know what it’s like to be made fun of for your looks. And seriously, once I grew up and was actually out on my own, I learned that I am beautiful. At least I am not as bad as people made me feel like I was. I have learned that I have my health, I have my talent (art) and I have people who love me. Things could be much worse. Your body is not ruined, it may not be flawless but it works you know. I think the fact that you were compared to people who simply are not you by someone who should have accepted you regardless of what you look like is what really hurt you. It was crummy that your grandmother made you feel that way and I can tell that it caused you some scars. I am now in therapy and working through my scars, it can really help you learn to deal with some of your issues. It has helped me.

    What you really need to do is find something to do that makes you happy. Whether it is music, listening or playing, art, reading or even a sport you could play. You need to make your own happiness and if you have nothing to fill your time then you will continue to be unhappy. You need to accept that you can’t change the person that you are. You are stuck with being you and this is the only chance you will get to make your mark on this world. Why spend it dwelling on other people’s looks and that you don’t look as good as them. Maybe you don’t but that doesn’t mean you are less than them. Never let anyone make you feel less than them. You can choose to be happy and choose to work on yourself. I have dealt with the acne thing for a long time. One thing you might try is giving up milk, I haven’t been able to do it yet but I have read a lot of information that said milk can cause acne in a lot of people because of the hormones. Its worth a try.

    And yea, don’t do drugs, people who do drugs when they are young may have a lot of fun but they look old a lot quicker than someone who didn’t do drugs.

  2. Hurricain says:

    A person’s physical appearance is only a part of the total package of what they have to offer…as a friend, girlfriend/boyfriend, cousin, granddaughter, etc. Are you intelligent, funny, a good conversationalist? Are you kind, trustworthy, loyal, easy to talk to, clever? I’ll bet you are many of these things.

    Acne is tough to deal with for teenagers…I had severe acne and it defined my life for a couple of years…but for most people, eventually your hormones balance out and the acne improves, or goes away totally.

    You have a lot to offer. People love you. Some people get dealt better hands in the looks department, but looks aren’t everything. Your cousins probably wish they looked like Emma Watson, or Taylor Swift, or Miley Cyrus.

    You are young. Your body isn’t "ruined" but doing drugs will ruin it (on the inside first, then the outside). Self harm isn’t going to help…it’ll only make things worse. Concentrate on the many positive things that you have to offer. Many so-called "ugly ducklings" grow up to be beautiful swans.

  3. Coach Simon says:

    I doubt that I could improve on the first two answers. Buy yourself an Anthony Robbins audio or book; catch him on Youtube.

  4. ronbo says:

    stop comparing yourself. there is only one you. the LORD created you for a purpose. find out what it is, and watch your life take off. just ask the lord, if your real lord jesus ? come into my life, and change my heart, show me what to do?

  5. 2In1 says:

    put this anger and energy into transforming your looks, start exercising, get acne treatment…
    also they are not as perfect as you think…even the most stunning models have insecurities.

  6. ? says:

    Did you forget your heart and soul because they seem to be pretty okay to me. Don’t sweat this one hun not everyone cares about how you look.

  7. Noelia Machado says:

    do not give up

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