How to deal with loss?

Hey, I’m not dealing with loss, nor expecting one – or either dealt with a major loss, which I’m lucky enough to say. I’m just wondering, for people who have, how did you get over it? I imagine the worst will be at night when others are asleep etc and you’re alone with your thoughts. How do you cope then?

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2 Responses to “How to deal with loss?”

  1. Tanya says:

    It takes time, it takes a long time to recover, but the difference is, everyone is different with their grieving process, and to say the least after years of my Nan’s death, i’m still not over it, considering i seen her being resuscitated and brought back to life, but yes i think also they way they died also contribute to the pain/grieving of someone’s passing, for example, drug overdose, or suicide, being intentional or physically brought upon them, giving them why questions, and how and all sorts, and the peaceful death in their sleep or, just stopped breathing etc gives them a little peace at heart, although their gone and miss them terribly they have a little peace knowing they died peacefully.

    How i dealt with grief, at first i didn’t, at all, i did stupid things like push people away, lock myself in and cry and curse whatever it was up in heaven (god) that why did you take my loved one (which i regret now) and just sunk into a deep deep hole,
    Eventually, i realised she/they’re at peace, no more suffering in life, no more pain, just peace and that made me almost happy, but not quite as sure they’re not here, but the main thing in all this that helps me even to this day is my memory book full of our memories, pictures, and quotes, with all their favourite stuff, and it makes me feel close to them again and sometimes a good old cry helps, nothing is wrong with grieving, even if it’s 6 months, 1, 10 years down the line, it just shows how much you loved that person and how much they’re missed.

  2. I love my English Knight❤ says:

    Instead of grieving over what could have been, just cherish and be grateful for what has been, for the time and things you could actually enjoy and share with that person. People tend to take everything for granted, as if everything is going to be there forever…And that’s why many of them cannot deal with loss…Every single day is a gift, not fr granted, so if a new day does not come it’s not a loss as what you had the day before was a gift and you should treasure it instead of crying over how much longer it could have lasted.

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