How to deal with peasants that dare address you in public?

How do you deal with the unsightly buffoons?


Ahhhhh yeah.

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7 Responses to “How to deal with peasants that dare address you in public?”

  1. Mr E says:

    may the neighborhood canines lift their legs upon you and put you in your place.

  2. Kreeos Kren says:

    I, for one, see all people as equal from the lowliest homeless person to royalty. We’re all human and all deserve the fundamental right of basic respect.

  3. Thunder Stormer says:

    But "Kreeos", if you truly see people as "equal", why do you refer to some of them as "lowly"?

  4. I C U says:

    poop in your hand and throw it at them- that’s what the chimps do in the zoo

  5. Christopher Sanchez says:

    All men are created equal. We all popped out of a female, our choices and the paths we took from there were up to us. We haven’t all triumphed in the eyes of many; however, God loves us all. So why shouldn’t we follow his example?

  6. softspot100 says:

    How sad you are!!

  7. Leonora says:

    Ignore them.

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