How to deal with racism?

My mum is Jamaican and so is my dad. My mum is tanned and my dad is light brown. I came out light brown too. People in school call me a ‘Paki’. I hate this. I’ve had enough. How can I deal with this? I don’t have anything against Indians or Pakistani’s… These boys in my school are racist! Help me please? 🙂 Thanks…I’m 14…

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  1. Becky says:

    hey,Firstly, racism is an problem that will never stop. Although that sounds harsh it’s true, it’s an horrible thing and I feel sorry for anyone who is a victim of this. I have also been affected by racism when I was at school and I think you find it to be a bigger problem when you are faced with a group of people that are all friends but are run by one or two people that are leading the group.

    I would definatly tell a teacher or someone in your school that you can talk to who you can trust. The start of tackling the problem is to raise awarness of the bullying and bullys involved. Your never alone and I bet there are alot more people in your school who have the same problem as you.

    Remeber that just because people say something to you, doesn’t mean that it HAS to upset you. It upsets you because you let it. And it’s not a bad thing that your upset it is perfectly normal but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – This is an oppertunity for you to learn to deal with negative comments and well, grow a thick skin. If your happy with who you are, then it really doesn’t matter what other people think of you.

    For example things that used to affect me at school like petty comments or even racist comeents really affected me. I used to get so upset when someone said something mean. Over time as I have gotton older I have learnt to deal with this not let it bring my mood down. Its something you will learn. Saying this however doesn’t mean that I am saying racism is right – It is an horrible thing and you should defintly tell someone, don’t suffer in silence.

    People who are racist tend to not have a lot going on for them and it’s an excuse for them to act ‘cool’ but they really arn’t and just remember what goes around – comes around!

    good luck 🙂

  2. Rick says:

    Find out things they can’t help and make fun of them for it.

  3. Carla swan says:

    It’s actually a crime what they are doing you need to report it. Please get this reported they are breaking the law

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