how to deal with the emotional side of periods?

It’s just so annoying! You the mood swings and irritibiltiy crying. is there a way to deal with/ stop/ control it? thanks so much x

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  1. Naguru says:

    Deal with such issues tactfully. Be firm. At the same time handle it with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Have a tight grip on your main goal in life. Don’t have halfhearted approach on all such health matters. If necessary consult a professionally qualified doctor and take proper and regular treatment. Know for certain health is wealth and a sound mind in a healthy body is a must for every one on this earth.

  2. Jay-Jay says:

    Recognise that it is a social construction.

    There’s no scientific evidence to support the existence of PMS, in terms of hormones you’re exactly the same as a woman who doesn’t experience mood swings, the argument is that it is a social construction. Feel free to check this for yourself, search for articles on PMS as a social construct, it’s a really interesting theory.

    What this means is that we’re constantly bombarded with negative messages about menstruation which we internalise and turn in on our own periods, basically if you think your period sucks then obviously you’re not going to be happy during your period. There is also the argument that we live in a society where we’re expected to be good little girls, a month of holding in our emotions then hits a change in our emotional and mental state…this state doesn’t turn us into hormone-crazed nut-bags like culture suggests, instead we’re simply less willing to tolerate things that annoy us and more likely to express our emotions.

    Firstly if you approach your period in a more positive way you’re more likely to appreciate menstruation rather than hate it so your mood will be better, you see it all the time in women who switch from tampons to cups – easier periods plus increased body-literacy and turning their backs on menstrual taboos used to sell commercial products makes a big difference in how they experience menstruation. I’m not suggesting that you switch to cups, but the point is that embracing menstruation and rejecting ideas that your period is some horrible experience you have to suffer through will improve your moods…that simple.

    Secondly accepting hormonal changes gives you control; accept that you will be more open emotionally so don’t hold it back or try to battle with your emotions, and also don’t be so accommodating to people the rest of your cycle…if you have problems in your life then address them head-on, stop worrying what people might think about you and don’t go into your menstrual phase with a lot of life stresses on your mind.

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