How to deal with the pain caused by the tragedy happened to a friend?

I’m devastated. A beloved friend of mine has suffered an accident and now he’s quadriplegic. How to deal with this pain? It is so big that I’ve thought of committing suicide (I don’t want to do it, but the thought comes often to my mind as a way to end the overwhelming sorrow of seen my friend lying on bed for the rest of his days, he’s 19). He was a true artist, with a great talent, a wonderful future he had. Thank you very much.

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3 Responses to “How to deal with the pain caused by the tragedy happened to a friend?”

  1. Josephine says:

    I think if you did suicide your poor friend would be so much worse off – he’d not only have to lie in bed, but he could never do anything about what had happend to you, he’s just always be in emotional pain. Why don’t you do a sponsored wjalk to raise money for research into how to re-grow nerves…that way you are doign somethign positve for him…Have faith. Stem cell research is getting better and better. It’s not the end for him and no way should it be for you. Remember, this is not your problem, it is his. If you get overinvolved and you get hurt what’s the point in that? You can choose either way, but what will be best for you and what will be best for him?

  2. All Things Considered says:

    If you caused the accident, you will need counseling to get over, if you are just sorry, than you must accept as will he. Give yourself time. There are many things we cannot change in this life, those we must accept and adjust to. Humanity has an amazing capacity for adjustment, and medical science continues to make advancement each day. You never know how things may turn out in the end. Do continue to visit, his mind still works.

  3. Serene E says:

    You are bottling up your feelings. You need to find a way to express them, not to him, but to a trusted friend, maybe writing in a journal, etc.
    And what the HELL would committing suicide do when HE"S the one in the hospital bed??????? Sorry, but that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Do you also have a history of mental problems????

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