How to deal with unwanted boys?

I seriously need help! There is a boy in my class at school who is really fixated on me and I really don’t like him. He follows me around, worries if I’m not I’m his sight, ugh! How do I deal with this without hurting his feelings?!?

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One Response to “How to deal with unwanted boys?”

  1. ♥Sali90♥ says:

    I can sympathise as i have experienced this when i was at school, it was extremely irritating. I had several boys fixated with me and it became almost unbearable! I personally tried to ignore them, though i did try and talk to one of them who was the worst of the lot as he lied about me liking him. I took a friend with me and told him that i did not like him in that way and never could. He thankfully left our school soon after and i just had to deal with the rest of the boys who seemed obsessed with me! You could talk to this boy and take a friend with you for support. Tell him that maybe he doesn’t mean to, but his behaviour is making you feel uneasy and uncomfortable. Hopefully he will get the message and leave you alone, good luck.

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