How To Earn Quick Money, Please Read?

Hey there, I have read many things about how teens can earn money etc, but this time it’s different. I am saving for a tablet – google nexus 7. I got a £50 voucher from me of my mums friends and I sold some stuff on eBay and made £50. I also cleaned someones car the other day and got £15, but im not gonna be doing my jobs like that because even the other day it was freezing and kept raining. So im u to £135.00 because. Also sold some stuff to music magpie. I just need £46 to get to £179 sl i can get the 32 gb version! So I’m pleased with where I am at the minute, but I just need a bit more 🙂 How could I get a bit more cash? I think I might say to mum if she could have the voucher cos she likes John Lewis and then I have the £50 to buy my tablet from elsewhere. Anyway, I don’t want to ask my mum for more money, but what else can I d to try and make quick cash? We don’t have anything to sell now and I can’t get a job at the minute because I do my other jobs. Any ideas? Thanks 😀 ahh m s excited!

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3 Responses to “How To Earn Quick Money, Please Read?”

  1. Jo W says:

    No such thing as quick cash for a kiddy with no skills – either be prepared to get cold washing cars and doing chores for neighbours, or accept the tablet is too expensive for a child to buy.

  2. james says:

    I agree with Jo W. Your 14 and looking for quick cash, no money comes quick that is why most people aren’t rich. Wait for christmas or ask your parents for more, they are your parents that is what they are for 🙂

  3. Jonny Boy says:

    Cut hair for family members

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