How To File A Complaint Against A School Teacher, For Theft, Abuse, Etc.. Read On ..?

Brief: There is a cheer coach/ dance teacher in Nashville, Tn. It was recently discovered that the prices were inflated for some parents, and discounted for others. She canceled a cheer competition after she received over 200.00 a piece from over 20 cheerleaders. that’s 4 grand. She did not offer nor mention anything about a refund. Numerous other fraudulent actions have taken place under this thief. We (some of the parents got together to discuss various issues with her highly inflated program, and discovered.. some of the students didn’t pay anything, and others paid double. I was told to send her a certified letter requesting a detailed billing for all fees, expenses, credits, and or refunds due. I have asked before in the past, but she did not supply me with this information. I believe the other parents and I have a law suit. A teacher cannot run a program and charge for services not provided as stated in her syllabus. The fee at this PUBLIC school for cheer leading is twice as high as other schools. ** the problem that these parents are facing at this time is her grandfather is a judge… which shouldn’t matter, but what lawyer would take this on?.. all helpful information is appreciated.. thanks for reading my brief

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4 Responses to “How To File A Complaint Against A School Teacher, For Theft, Abuse, Etc.. Read On ..?”

  1. loves christmas lights says:

    scholorships for hard time families are normal. tell the principle, head of the gym dept and the police. call teh school district who is in charge of that school. forget mentioning some didnt pay, talk about your money and your money alone, tell the other parents to do the same.

  2. Betsy says:

    You need to talk with the principal, the superintendent of schools, and/or the school board. Then there needs to be something in writing about the situation.

  3. beenther says:

    You guys need to talk to a lawyer so you do not get accused of slandering, or the other legal thing that also means badmouthing. One is verbal and one is in writing.
    Okay, what are the rules set forth by the school, AND the school district. This is public information and you should be able to get them by requesting the information. She answers to the principal, and he/she to the superintendent of schools. Know anyone on the school board ?
    She also has a license that the State can revoke which means she can not teach at any other public school in the State.
    You go after the school and the school district as well as her. Trust me the school principal and superintendent do not want it to come out. Refunds will be flying, and she most likely will no longer be coach.
    One better, go to the local television consumer reporter with the story. They will eat it up. Plus it is sweeps so they are looking for juicy stories.

  4. walk away says:

    Start with the school first. Put everything in writing and ask for written responses. I would send a letter to the principal describing the cancelled meet and your request for a refund of the money that is due to you. I would state that you asked the cheer coach/dance teacher for a billing statement in the past and have not received a response. I would concentrate on your child and what you paid. If she states that you have a credit on your account of $200 for the next meet, I would ask for a bank statement or where that money is. It could be in your own bank account earning interest. If she took these funds (over 4 grand), there should be some bank statement or accounting of this money.
    If she can’t produce the funds or a record of it being deposited into a proper cheer account, then she could be in serious trouble for embezzling.
    Start with the school. If you don’t get a response, send another certified letter, stating that they have left you no choice but to take it to the next level. Make sure everything is in writing. If you talk to someone at the school, document the conversation. Who you spoke to, what was said. etc.
    Ask all the parents to do the same. They can’t ignore all of you. And if the teacher has misused the funds, she will have a hard time paying everyone back and she will be exposed for the thief that she is.

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