How To Find The Promotion Code On Wet Seal Insider Card?

I just got a promotion card from Wet Seal yesterday, and while being at the store, there was a shirt I found online that I couldn’t find in store. Luckily, the one I found in store, is actually on sale right now for $15. I want to buy it, and use my insider card, but I have no idea what the promotion card is ? Or where it is on the card. The specific front on the card says “Wet Seal fashion insider, Love the trend – have to spend” that’s in the top left hand corner, and in the bottom right hand corner it says “10% off everyday” the back has my Signature, the expiration date, then what the cards about, and then last is the bar code with numbers under it.
Someone please help me !! I’m just trying to save as much money as possible!
Also, can I use 10% off on one thing that cost 15.99, online?
Thank you, you guys:D

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