How to fit Microphone and Led Light on Canon EOS 650D at the same time?

I’m considering buying one of these:

The problem is, my hot shoe mount is currently being taken up by my rode videomic, what device would I need to get them both on at the same time? Some kind of bracket but I can’t find anything.

Please let me know!

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5 Responses to “How to fit Microphone and Led Light on Canon EOS 650D at the same time?”

  1. Hybrid Camera Revolution says:

    Hi Jack – I had this very same problem with my EOS 550D/T2i. I solved it with an inexpensive C bracket. Here is a picture of my setup:

    You can get this bracket from Amazon UK for £15:

    Hope this is helpful!


  2. Jim A says:

    There probably is no dual bracket. I can visualize what you’re after but I’ve never seen such a thing either.

    How about using the shoe for the light and since the mick is extremely light, perhaps one of those external flash brackets that mounts to the tripod threads under the camera and comes around the side of the body. You could perhaps adapt a holder for your microphone there.

    I’d like to suggest one more item if you don’t already have it…

    I own this and it makes shooting much easier.

    Good luck

  3. Caoedhen says:

    Holy crap, are you all really that bad off tonight?

    A simple L bracket, something that has been around for decades (even if JimA hasn’t seen one.. . not surprising), will do what you want.

    A basic flat bracket:

    And a better one for video shooters… it has 2 cold shoes:

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