How to get a job as a car sales person?

Ever since I can remember i’ve always wanted to sell cars. I drove past Ferrari and Porche sales places the other dqy and its made me more determined to do that job. The problem is i’ve just had a baby girl and im only 19 (20 next month) and didn’t do too great in school. Is there a chance for me? And how can I get into a job like that. Work my way up from the bottom!

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  1. entertainment fan says:

    It would be good to get a retail job or one that involves dealing with the public. Even working as a street fundraiser would show your persuasion skills. Voluntary work would improve your job prospects,especially if it involves dealing with the public. I used to volunteer in a charity shop. I’m interested in cars as well, and I sometimes read magazines about them.Keep up to date with the latest cars and technology. If you attend an interview and you’re asked what kind of car you would be and why, a good answer (the one I would give) would be "A Honda Jazz, because it’s reliable and can get the job done efficiently". If an unexpected question like "If you were an animal, what kind would you be and why?" came up, a suitable answer could be "A cheetah, because it can run fast and get the job done quickly". I’m thinking quite far ahead with these sample questions and answers, but I’ve heard about a 20 year old car salesman, so nothing is impossible. Some car showrooms employ valeters, and maybe you’d start off in a job like that, and then enquire about being a salesperson. Even if you didn’t do well in the past, you should aim to do as well as you can and show enthusiasm. Good luck for your future – nothing is impossible if you’re determined to get the job of your dreams.

  2. fustercluck says:

    Since you know 20 comes next for a 19 year old the chances are good for you.

    Sales jobs are easy to get but hard to earn a good living

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