How To Get Free Flight Vouchers From People If There About To Expire?

Almost everyone in the world has miles they earn from there credit cards and half the people don’t use them and let them expire! and then there’s people like me who’s fiance lives 3500 miles away from her who could really really use those miles and not spend $1000s of dollars he doesn’t have a month!!!
so any help if info or maybe u have miles that are about to expire!!
Answer away!

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2 Responses to “How To Get Free Flight Vouchers From People If There About To Expire?”

  1. I Know Lots says:

    Because it costs money to gift the miles, redeem the miles, even to donate the miles to charity

  2. Mrsjvb says:

    wahh. you are not special, you are not deserving of any freebies.
    in point of fact most people will donate any air miles or vouchers to Make a Wish and other worthwhile foundations where they can be put to much better use than to give an entitlement minded spoiled brat free trips to get some.
    get your own airline miles credit card and start earning your own miles.

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