How To Get More Traffic And Increase Ebay Sales ?

I am searching ebay secrets and I am learning new things about ebay more and more every day. I am very glad to share my writing about ebay with you. There are many ways to promote your ebay store.Increasing ebay sellings need systematic work on internet.I share some of them below about getting more traffic on ebay sellings.
1-Keywords are important on ebay product listings. Buyers find the items with keywords. You should use
useful words in your title.Search the hot trends it may effect your words choice in your title and also product choice.You can take a look at see the popular terms on
2-You can either use one of the free keyword tools such as Google’s keyword Tool or better still use a
keyword tool like Ad Word Analyzer which allows you to analyse your keywords in much more detail.
3-You can submit your product feed file to Google Base.
4-Useful links for you : Search
Google AdWords Overview
Overture Overview
5-Social media is very effective for promoting your ebay store. You can create fan pages on Facebook
and Twitter with using your store name ,store link and store products .
6-You can create you online video and post it on youtube,myspace with using your store name and link. If
you aren’t good at making a video, make a PowerPoint or Flash Slideshow file instead, then convert it to
a video file using a third party utility or plug-in.
7-You can also use squidoo,pinterest,linkedin,craigslist,Ki… etc to promote your ebay store
8-I read many writings about get more traffic on ebay .They always connect ABOUT ME PAGE . You
should describe your store clearly on about me page.
9-Use Ebay discussion board with using your store’s name is included in your signature.
10-You can create your blog ,articles or web site and then link it your store .You can create your free blog
with blogger or wordpress ,You can write some articles on,etc. or you can join online
forums .You can join yahoo answers.
11-Use Ebay store marketing tools email marketing, a customized listing header, promotional flyers,
cross-promotions, and RSS feeds.
12-You can submit your store’s new URL to search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN
The following are links to the site submission pages for several of the major search engines:
· Google:
· MSN:
· Yahoo!:
· All The Web:
· AltaVista:
13- You can benefit from paid search ,mobile marketing and Podcasting and Online Radio
I hope this will help us 🙂 Good Lucks by ”LIKEMYHOUSE”

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