How To Get People Flight Miles To Use If There About To Expire?

I want/need to get a plane ticket to Seattle to surprise my fiance for Christmas! The past 3 months ive spent about 14,000$ going back and forth and just money! and I would really like to go back but really don’t or can’t afford to keep buying tickets!
so I was wondering if people that have miles built up that are about to expire or free vouchers from the air line company. what do they do with them? is there a site people donate miles to? Or is it use em or lose them. Miles/ vouchers go to waste?
just a late night curiosity question. my wheels are spinning and quiirous to see if all my good karma points will kick in and get me a cheap flight!
Please don’t answer with, get a job, or something else just as stupid!!!

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One Response to “How To Get People Flight Miles To Use If There About To Expire?”

  1. Mrsjvb says:

    no random stranger is going to give away their miles to you.
    only worthwhile causes such as Make a wish, or as was the case when my mother was killed while on Vacation, donated so that my father could fly home in First Class. and even then that was done by an individual who is very good friends with my father and called the airline directly.

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