How To Get The Free Bioshock On Ps3?

I bought bioshock infinite today for ps3 and cannot find the voucher or code to get it. Does anyone know where I would find this? Thanks in advance.

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3 Responses to “How To Get The Free Bioshock On Ps3?”

  1. The Shadow™ ® says:

    if you git the disc version that includes the first game the code is in the box – it’s only the limited edition and songbird editions that come with the first game free .
    if you have the limited edition you’ll have a code on a small card in the box , it might be in the manual or on a separate paper .you redeem the code in the psn store or on the website listed on the paper its on
    for all other versions there is no free version included
    maybe you got the base version only ?

  2. Joe says:

    as far as I know the original game only comes for PC or with the purchase of infinite on PC. gamestop only gives the upgrade enhancement for the shotgun. I forget the link, but if you google “bioshock infinite pre- order bonuses” there’s a chart that breaks it down.

  3. Killer Clown From Outer Space says:

    its on the blu-ray disc thats why you cant find the voucher or code for it

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