How to go about getting a printing deal?

How would I be able to get a printing deal for a magazine. I only want to print 200 copies, and I’m able to work out the profit, I just need to find a method of printing it. We know how to make the profit (Through advertisements etc) so, how would I be able to get a printing deal which is tweaked to my needs?

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One Response to “How to go about getting a printing deal?”

  1. Michelle says:

    You will need a full colour printing press. You will also need to learn to use it. This is not easy.

    Buy one 2nd hand, unless you can afford a new one.

    You will also need a decent guillotine, as you have to be able to trim your magazine. (Using A3 paper, when you fold it to make an A4 magazine, the pages splay out on the right hand edge)

    You could use a colour copier, but your production cost would be high,. ( for the toner). It would also have to be able to print A3.

    The market place for small run magazines is very limited. Why only 200 copies ? Most magazine runs are much higher than this, unless you go for say a Church magazine, or a local club magazine.
    If you advertise you should be able to get some contracts.

    Anyway, good luck with your venture.

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