How to install Daytime Running Light switch with LED strip?

Hi I have Peugeot 307 2004 model, Iam planning to install automatic DRL switch with LED strip to headlights
My questions are:
1. This is the DRL switch planning to buy OR
2. Which LED is better 5050 SMD or 3258 SMD?
3. If I buy these LED strip then I can use the strip how much ever I require and remove the two connectors on the DRL switch and connect the red and black wires for 2 strips (left & right)
4. Can I able to use 5050 SMD as it has too much power than 3258 SMD

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One Response to “How to install Daytime Running Light switch with LED strip?”

  1. J G says:

    1. Is not a question – yes, it’s a DRL relay.
    2. ‘Better’? It’s down to size – 5050 strips use 5mm x 5mm LEDs, 3258 ones use, predictably, 3.2x x5.8
    3. Makes no sense – are you asking if you can just ‘cut off’ the ends of the strips to shorten them? That would be a definite NO.
    4. The LED power consumption and output are largely irrelevant.

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