How to kill a laptop beyond repair to get vouchers for a new one?

No physical damage if possible.

I shocked all the insides with 230v and destroyed the hard drive, cpu, and motherboard.
Yet they fixed all this and got it back to me in 7 days.

My cover is with knowhow (currys/pcworld) I know that if they cannot fix it within 7 days I can get a replacement vouchers.
I am fed up with mine and just want a new one to sell on again.

Need good suggestions on how to kill mine beyond repair.

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One Response to “How to kill a laptop beyond repair to get vouchers for a new one?”

  1. GeorgeHynes says:

    Heat the whole thing on low heat in the oven (remember to take the battery out, or it will explode), then soak it in water, book a cheap flight and send it through the x-ray machines, use a ridiculously strong magnet, open the hard drive enclosure and wave it around in a dusty area (make sure to put it back together), mix up all the cable contacts, use the wrong power supply, if it has a CD drive; take it apart and remove the laser – DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE LASER – then put it back together, crush the contacts on the CPU and wreck the pins on the RAM.

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