How to Maintain Hand Tufted Rugs

We care much about the carpets we buy when it comes to home decoration, because it is important for them to fit the room’s overall design. Hand tufted carpets decorate some of the most chosen carpets to the interior rooms of the house. Besides choosing the right carpet, it is also essential to know how to keep them clean, so they would not deteriorate over time. The following information relates to tips and advice on how to properly maintain your hand tufted carpets so that their quality will not decrease significantly over time.

Sunlight related tips

One of the important aspects to be recalled that sunlight damage to the carpet in the long term. Nobody expects people to completely keep away from sunlight hand tufted carpets. However, you need to use your curtains when you leave the house for an extended period, or when the sun is extremely strong and you do not need light in the room anyways. It may also be very useful to run the carpet from time to time – this way, the colors will not fade only on one side as a result of exposure to sunlight and overall appearance of the carpet will not seem like faded. The turning of the hand-tufted carpets is also recommended for the effect of footsteps to spread evenly over the entire surface of the carpet. This detail is essential in order to ensure that the carpets will not deteriorate much they merely an area.

Infestation problems

Like other carpets, hand tufted carpets can be damaged by infection growths due to various causes. Therefore, it is important to continuously aerate not only the chambers are placed in the carpets, but also the carpets itself, when this is possible. In case no preventive measures do not work, make use of the special products on the market for the removal of such contaminated areas.

Daily care

Again, similar to other carpets, hand tufted carpets should be cleaned from time to time. Vacuuming is one of the simplest and ordinary things from this perspective. However, when doing so, make sure you do not vacuum the carpets. Use medium power and not insist too much on the same area of ​​the rug to protect its fibers from deterioration. Regular washing of hand-tufted carpets is also recommended to keep them fresh.

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