How To Make Money As A 14 Year Old?

I’m almost 14 and need 500$ to get a snowboard pass to solitude. I don’t want to babysit or mow lawns, I want a job I live in mid ale Utah if any one knows of a place around here I can work that be great, oh ya and I don’t have any thing to sale for money but please let me know thanks.

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2 Responses to “How To Make Money As A 14 Year Old?”

  1. I like to EAT MEAT ! says:

    …ask your Grandmother !

  2. silverhe says:

    If u hav good grades u could get a work purmit or watever from school for a job at like a fast food resteraunt or small convenient store.:)
    Will u please please please answer my question since i was nice enough to answer urs? i ask like 45 minutes ago and nobody has answered. please. im really desperate!:(

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