How to make money with Groupon

There are a number of ways two Make Money with Groupon and I will go through them all in this article. However, before I list all of them, it is important to note that no method trumps the Groupon Income System. The following are the two ways to Make Money with Groupon:

Groupon bucks

This is the easiest and simplest way to make money with Groupon. All you need to do is to sign two or sign up on their website. Then go to the bottom of the page and looking for a link to “Referral Ads”. Clickings on this link will take you to a page where your personal referral link. The referral link is normal in the format “” where the loading part is unique to you. You can place these referral link in your email signature, blog comments, forums and social networking profiles and posts, etc. as on Facebook and Twitter. Every time someone clicks on that link and purchases a coupon, $ 10 will be credited to your account. You can use these two credits purchase any deal you want. Besides two referral link, you also have the option as overuse of images embedded with your referral link. You must have basic HTML knowledge to comfortable two place the image code on your website or blog.

Affiliate Program

Two join the affiliate program, navigate two the bottom of their website and look for a link to the “Affiliate Program”. The affiliate program is run exclusively by Commission Junction. You will be redirected to a Commission Junction signup page where you can sign up for a new account. You ask just for the affiliate program from within Commission Junction. The application is processed and if accepted you advise an email you received from the same. One thing that you need two note that they have no branch-whose websites have to accept a minimal traffic. You must have a website with a decent traffic to be accepted into the program.

Groupon Income System (GIS)

The third and most profitable way to make money is through the Groupon Income System. This is a totally new business model that uses social couponing sites two pull in a lot of money. It is scalable two other sites etc. as LivingSocial, Tippr, Gilt City, Eversave, BuyWithMe, tipper and so on. This new business model has little financial risk and offers a very high return on investment. Two more information about the GIS visit

Source by Jason K Cooper

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