How To Make My Tv Lan Port To Wifi..?

This may sound a bit weird but here goes..
My Samsung LED TV has a ethernet LAN port (its not a Smart TV). I want to convert it to WIFI, will a combination of a lan to USB converter and a USB wifi Dongle work. below are links to the items.
Lan to USB Converter
Wifi Dongle
Pls do not suggest ethernet hubs/switches as I dont want to go that way..!!

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One Response to “How To Make My Tv Lan Port To Wifi..?”

  1. TJ Glawitsch says:

    Here’s a sure-fire method for about $40…
    Google, eBay or Amazon search for Tenda routers.
    Purchase TWO.
    The first wireless router attaches nearby your TV.
    The second connects to your existing router or directly to your internet modem.
    1. Configure the router(s) to use WDS (Wireless Distribution System) – the MAIN router being set up in LAZY mode and the one by your TV set up as a REPEATER.
    2. The routers will reboot MOST of the time after setting up WDS. Ignore it if it doesn’t.
    3. Once both routers are programmed, UNPLUG them, wait a second or two, plug the MAIN one back in and then the TV router. They’ll do a “handshake” at this point and you should be up and running.
    The ones I use this for are Tenda W268R and even though Tenda Support doesn’t claim these HAVE WDS… they do. I have four repeaters at home and two masters – allowing anyone to stream as hard as they want without a single hiccup anywhere.
    NOTE: If connecting the main router to another existing router… simply connect the internet router into one of the LAN ports with the supplied ethernet cable. Do not use the WAN ports on either. If using the main router AS your internet router… simply connect your internet modem’s cable into the WAN port – but again, nothing goes into the other WAN port on the TV device.
    Good luck, take care and hope this helps!

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