How To Market An Islamic Radio Station?

. Licence is required for going on air of a commercial radio station – process must be passed by licensing authorities.
. Should have communications, media sphere and marketing skill.
. Require versatile presenters and staff.
. Pay staff or have volunteer staff.
. Launch of radio station with advertisers.
. Require companies and individuals support in advertising and major sponsoring of programs.
. Clients to provide gifts to give away as freebees during programs, example: jewellery vouchers, clothing vouchers, meal vouchers, holiday vouchers, perhaps the highlight been a Umra ticket, and so on.
. Present programmes with people’s favourite guests, live interviews, interview other various scholars across the continents, Dawah issues, and so on.
. Special broadcasts on significance of Islamic auspicious days.
. Programmes must be an instant success with listeners.
. Will require many loyal listeners.

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3 Responses to “How To Market An Islamic Radio Station?”

  1. Zephyr~~ says:

    You first start by buying program time on an existing radio station then increase it based on your following to the point where you have enough listeners to support you through ads they buy. You just don’t start a station from scratch and hope that it works.
    Additionally if you are asking this question here, it seems as if you have no clue of what’s involved. I can write a book on what you need to do to run a successful radio station.

  2. MythBust says:

    Boom boom boom can anyone say weyo? Uh oh
    Boom boom boom can anyone say weyo? Uh oh
    Just an idea for a jingle lol

  3. thecolle says:

    ask al gore, he just sold a TV station to islamics

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