How to Measure For a Rug Pad

You have beautiful area rugs and now you need rug pads. The popular question is what size pad should one get and how do you measure for a pad. Well, the answer is fairly simple. Rug pads should be a little smaller than the actual rug and there is a proper way to measure this.

Rugs can come with or without the fringe, or tassels, at the end. When we talk about a pad for your rug, we only care about covering the actual body of the rug, not including any fringes. I have a lot of customers state that the tag says one size yet maybe they should measure the rug. Yes, it is always a good idea to take a tape measure and get the exact measurements of your rug since not all tags or labels are accurate.

Now, with a tape measure, measure the length and width of your rug. Most rugs have a binding on each side and your measurement should include this binding, which is right at the edge of your rug. Remember, we do not need to worry about the fringe since pad should not be under fringe. So, at the ends, if you have fringe, measure until just before the fringe. Say the rug you purchased states on the tag that it is an 8’x10′ size and your measurements result in an actual size of 7’10″x9’9″. This is important because now we need to cut the pad based on the actual rug size and not what the tag says.

Finally, when you have the carpet measurement, you can determine what size the rug pad should be. In general, a good rule of thumb is to deduct one inch on all four sides, or a total of two inches from your dimensions. So, the 7’10″x9’9″ rug size should have a pad size of 7’8″x9’7″. This border of about an inch on all sides will keep the edges of your carpet close to the floor and will also keep the edge of the pad out of sight.

It is much easier for stores to stock pre-cut and prepackaged rug pads yet there are a few that will actually cut the rug pad to your rug size. These stores usually stock the pad in rolls and cut it for you when you order it. I like to stock the rolls for a few reasons and one of them being that I can cut the rug pad to the exact size needed based on the customer’s rug size. If you have to buy a pad from a store that does not custom cut, then make sure it is a pad that can be cut with whatever tool you plan to use at home.

Source by Luis Santamaria

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