how to offer unemployment discount?

I want to oofer a discount to unemployed people as a business discount. apart from taking peoples word for it, in the uk is there a way to prove one way or another they are entitled? I.e. do the unemployed in UK get a claim card, or booklet of some sort?

p.s. hope this question doesnt sound too patronising..! 🙂

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2 Responses to “how to offer unemployment discount?”

  1. kendra27UK says:

    If your going to offer a discount for the unemployed, you need to offer one to disabled people or sick people as well.

    Anyone getting JSA or a sickness benefit will have either their signing on book or a letter stating they are getting that benefit.

    Many people get discounts for being on JSA, but I see very few people who cannot help the fact they can’t work, get nothing.

    Students and the unemployed get far more out of their situation than someone who may never get out of their’s.

    Ask for a benefit letter or signing on book.

  2. pmt853 says:

    If they are getting Jobseekers Allowance they will have a card from the Job Centre to log their appointments. People can claim JSA while working part-time, up to 16 hours a week.

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