How to present a voucher as a gift ?

How are they like,how can I get one and how can I redeem these also have you ever got one as a result of a delay or any cause?

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  1. admin says:

    Travel vouchers can be used depending on the airlines issuing it. You can use it for food purchase (onboard), or as payment to airline tickets. If the voucher can be used for a ticket purchase, you need to book travel direct with airline and give them voucher number.

    Not all airlines issue vouchers if a flight is canceled or delayed. FAA mandates airlines that if flight is delayed or canceled, airlines need to reprotect or reaccomodate passengers affected to the next available flight with the original airline, or a partner airline regardless of the class of service. They usually issue vouchers for involuntary cancellation/delay if it is due to mechanical or crew issue. For weather, airport traffic control, or natural disaster, they either allow you to change the date or process a refund on the ticket but not a travel voucher which can be used for food purchase, or to pay for Exit Row seats.

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