How To Promote A Concert The Creative Way

Do not know how to promote a concert? Well it’s probably not unusual because there really is not a method you can use to every concert or event. Concert organizers make a fortune doing this for a living, then you certainly can not expect my humble small price of the internet to be comfortable two counts all, but I can offer some tips and ideas.

I used to promote seminars, not really concerts, but when I helped a friends band get some advertising and marketing it seemed to work. I got some new tips from a cheaper book than its fancy seemed two full two

First -. Think About who your audience is. What other concerts / gigs / events will go two? We gift flyers that other concerts in the area where other bands in the same musical style game. Therefore, our audience was there, and an easy target. One of the bands even announced our concert for us at the end of the set

Second -. Flyers. Okay, I should have done this the first point – I was just testing you !. Try to put themselve up / hand themselve out where your target audience will see themselve (take a tip from the first tip) and make sure you do not just litter the place and not posting themselve everywhere illegal. Make Sure they will stand out, so the color is good, but expensive. You will ask comfortable two get many more leaflets / flyers out there if you buy black and white. The February ask an idea to go to the local college and see if you can get a graphic design student two designs a folder for you in exchange for free tickets

Thirdly -. Getting on the web. Myspace has a great music section, and it can not hurt two Promote your concert here. Maybe a link to a YouTube video of your band playing, or put clips from your load performance if you have a video of the event

Fourth -. Most local newspapers have a what’s on guide or events since. Be sure to have a list here wood often free. Is your concert newsworthy in any way? Try contacting the paper two see if they will do a write up. Are you playing for a charity or worthy event? Are there any unusual circumstances surrounding the concert? On a slow news day paper in February just get your picture in the paper and give a little write up. Try to get free publicity on the radio as well

Fifth -. Alice Copper was played in London. Two Promoting the concert he had a big truck drives around with an advertising board on the back. The truck “happened” to break even in the middle of London, and caused traffic jams that made the news. People in Britain saw a large picture of Alice Cooper just on a TV screen, and soon everyone knew Alice played a concert in England. Now I can not suggest you do this, but be creative. How about putting stickers promo stuff your event on coins, inserting flyers for your vehicle and leave it parked in a busy parking lot where lots of people will see it. Try to put stickers on all messages you send out – you’d be surprised how many pairs of hands that post goes through

I think that’s enough for two by wet your appetite. As a final thought, think about your budget. It is very easy two overspend a lot of money promo stuff a concert if you do not know how. I have learned from some of my mistakes wooden why I bought the book -. I try two teacher from other people’s mistakes these days

If you really want to know how to promote a concert and get the whole spectrum techniques I suggest taking a look at the book as well.


Source by Paul Turner

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