How To Prove That Consideration Does Exist?

I’ve got a few questions on consideration that I’m having trouble with. Say hypothetically Sam deposits a 1000 pounds on a holiday. His friend also deposits a thousands pound on the same holiday. They are both loyal customers to the holiday company. However his friend received a voucher issuing 50% discount on the cost of his holiday. Sam didn’t receive the voucher however he was still eligible. Having lost his job Sam calls the holiday company to ask for the discount as he was scared he was not able to afford the holiday and would have to cancel. The holiday company orally agreed to the deduction in the price. However after Sam went to the holiday, the holiday company suffered a downturn in business and therefore sent an invoice asking for the full 2000 pounds.
In this case if you want to defend Sam on the fact that there was consideration and therefore the holiday company was in breach of the contract, would Williams v Roffey Brothers apply? For example because the holiday company was in a financial situation they revoked their earlier contract in order to claim for the full payment which can be seen as a benefit. Would that make sense?
The second point is that consideration should not be in the past. However there are certain exceptions. For example if the act was requested and there was an understanding that money would and legally change hands , then consideration can be in the past. This can be applied in the case of Lampleigh v Braithwaite. However in this case because there was an implied understanding that a fee would be paid as David requested the 50% discount from the holiday company and there was an understanding that he was eligible for such a discount as his friends contract remained void would consideration still exist? Does that make sense?
I’m quite stuck on the other point of law that supports the fact that consideration does exist. Re Selectmove Ltd is quite a good case, however the court dismissed the appeal arguing part payment does not exist. Do you know any other cases that could help me defend Sam in securing his discount as well as arguing that consideration does exist.
Thank you!!!

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