How to secure a lamppost?

For our christmas decorations this year we were thinking about getting this lamppost from Amazon:

We would like to put it on our lawn with a couple of rope light reindeers. How would we secure it? My dad seems to think that ground spikes (like tent pegs) wouldn’t hold it down enough.

Any suggestions?

We don’t want to use concrete because we will move it after christmas to the back garden.

Thank you.

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3 Responses to “How to secure a lamppost?”

  1. blackgrumpycat says:

    It will come with instructions on how to secure it. If you read one of the reviews, it sounds as if it comes with something to screw into the ground.

  2. roger says:

    Try a metpost and pack it with a removable material.

  3. Blueboy says:

    I can not get your link to work but it should come with instructions.

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