How To Sign Up Again For Same Phone Service?

I know that doesn’t make a lot of sense, but here is what I mean.
My wife and I just sign up recently at a brick-and-mortar cell phone store. We both got phones there we really didn’t want but they were all they had. We went to this particular company because my wife gets a discount there.
Then, while shopping at Walmart, I saw the kinds of phones we did want-with the same carrier, and for much, much cheaper, though to get the cheap prices you have to sign a 2-year contract. Well, we already signed a 2-year contract at the other store. I talked to the salesperson at Walmart, and she stated that my wife would be able to get the discount there as well because the phone section at Walmart is a kiosk and they just sell the phones and you have to sign up with the main carrier anyway.
Now, my question is, since we want to port our phone numbers(which we just did from our previous cell phone provider to our current new one), do I just go to Walmart first, buy the phones and sign up for the contracts there, before I cancel our other service? And how would that work, since we are already on contract with that SAME carrier? Would we even have to sign up again since we just signed up at the main store and are still in the 14 day “grace period” to cancel if we want to?

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