How To Solve This? Homework Help With Financial Accounting?

I’ve been trying to solve this problem for a while. I have the answers but I don’t know how to get there for some questions:
XYZ corporation issued $200,000 of 8%, 10-year bonds. Interest is paid annually, and the effective interest method is used for amortization. Assume that the market rate for similar investments is 7%.
A) what amount was received for the bonds? 214,047 – I can’t figure this one out
B) where the bonds issued at premium or discount? Premium
C) how much interest is paid each interest period? 16,000
D) what is the premium/discount amortization for the first period? $1,017 I can’t get this number
E) how much bond interest expense is recorded on the first interest date? 16,000-1017=14,983
F) what is the carrying value of the bonds after the second interest payment? 211,942 I can’t get this answer

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