How to stop water from sagging the roof of a M& S Gazebo?

I have a 3m by 3m gezebo bought from Marks and Spencer. It has an annoying fault that when it rains the water sagas in roofing causing a bulge at the edges of the gazebo. Anybody have any idea how to stop this.

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2 Responses to “How to stop water from sagging the roof of a M& S Gazebo?”

  1. Bill D says:

    A lot of gazebos have this design flaw. Not sure what you mean by S&M, but most gazebos have this problem. What they are doing now with newer designs for gazebos is putting in grommets so that there is a 1/2" hole for the water to drain through. You can very easily cut a small hole and put a grommet into the one that you have. A set of grommets and the installation tool are only like 5 bucks.That will alleviate the sagging problem, but then you will have a small "leak" on each side, so make sure your OK with that before installing it. Beside that you can try to install crossbars which would be a pain. Good Luck.

  2. David W says:

    I had the same problem with a patio swing canopy. I solved it with 1/8" (3 mm) vinyl-coated cable and clamps from a home center. I ran the cable across under the canopy, cut it to length, pulled it tight, then used the clamps to fix it to the frame. It holds the canopy just taut enough to prevent the rain from pooling. The coated cable won’t rust and stain the fabric, is easy to use, and cheap–about $10-15 in the US.

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