How To Submit Irs 1040?

so i have a dilemma
i did my taxes using the free fillable forms on…when i submitted them by e-file, initially it seemed all was ok. i sent a my check with voucher in the regular mail. i just checked my email and see that the e-file submission didnt take. i tried to fix the error but its not making sense(its saying my ssn on my w2 is not the same primary ssn but i double checked it and it is).
so anyway, id like to just mail in my 1040 and the schedules and forms , but since i already submitted my check, should i send them another check or just write a note? i dont have the check number or a copy of the check so im not sure what to do.. help!

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2 Responses to “How To Submit Irs 1040?”

  1. Quick Answers says:

    Ignore the check, just mail the return.

  2. tro says:

    I hope you included a voucher indicating this check applied to your SSN and the the tax year, if you just sent a check to IRS without some kind of identification as to what it was paying, they won’t know
    but yes it looks like filing your return manually is your only alternative

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