How To Sync My Ipod To A Wiped Computer.?

Hi there. I’ve been running a two laptop setup for years now. I recently bought an Ipod touch, and synced it with my first laptop, moving all my music on to it. I have since wiped the laptop and unistalled itunes. I tried to sync my ipod with the other laptop, and it won’t let me without deleting everything on there. Furthermore, it won’t sync with the original laptop without wiping everything on the ipod. I can’t use (or afford the third party software to transfer my music back on to it, (and only a tiny proportion of the music is backed up anyway)) and apple won’t help me until I pay them £25. They won’t listen to their contract agreements (sale of goods act 1970’s) and keep arguing on the phone that I’m bound to a load of shitty EU laws when I actually bought the Ipod in Massachussetts, (so neither American Law nor EU law seems to be much good in helping my cause.)
I now have an ipod I can’t sync to without losing everything, and I can’t email Apple or anything. What should I do?

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