How To Tone Up? Please Answer My Questions?

I am in serious need of toning up I have too many “wobbly” bits eg love handles, bingo wings and my thighs and I want to tone my *** up too. I’m actually sick of it and I want to do something about it. I am 18 years old I am 5ft 5inches in height and I weigh 174lbs which I know is overweight for my height and this is why I want to do something about it..
I know this is probably a ridiculous question but in order to tone up would I have to change my eating habits? For starters I DON’T eat any fruit or vegetables, I know bad me but I just don’t like them and I have a pretty crappy diet.. Chicken nuggets, potato waffles, fries and lots of junk food.. But would I be able to tone up by adding some fruit and veg to the equation? If not someone please suggest how I should be eating.. eg how many times a day etc
As far as exercise is concerned I take Zumba classes on a Monday and Wednesday for 1 hour per class and other then that I don’t do much exercise.. For toning up my stomach, legs, arms and *** what types of exercises should I be doing?? I also bought a protein shake for women called “Profemme” and the sales assistant told me to take them twice a day so I was thinking of taking one in the morning which I was going to have instead of a large breakfast so my breakfast would be a shake and some toast and then the same at night.. How does that sound?
PLEASE HELP ME!:( I’m totally clueless it’s not even funny anymore!

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