How to use 1000 pounds European holiday voucher?

I have got a 1000 pounds European weekend holiday voucher (to cover only flights & hotel stay). I want to have a relaxing weekend with my wife and our 9 month old baby sometime during May end. I live in London and we have already been to Paris, Swiss & most of the mainland Italian cities.

I am considering going to Emerald coast (Sardinia, Italia) for 3 days during last week of May. Any other beaches in europe which are as beautiful and calm as the emerald coast? Any other ideas?

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One Response to “How to use 1000 pounds European holiday voucher?”

  1. singhcanto says:

    Valencia has some great sailing. My personal favorite is Palma de Mallorca… beautiful and not all that crowded because the AmeriKans don’t know about it.

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