How to use this ready to feed formula milk?

I am taking my baby with me to meet his daddy on a 8 hour flight and He is breastfed but I do not want to breastfeed him on the plane in front of everyone i will feel extremely shy and just cannot do it so I am thinking of taking the product below with me but how do i use it?? Are you meant to warm it up or what?

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  1. Mark P says:

    I recently went on a 10hr flight with my little one and we used something similar.
    It doesn’t NEED to be warmed up. And if you don’t store it in the fridge before or in a cool bag compartment, then by the time it comes to feeding your baby, the milk will be at room temperature – which I suspect is not far off the temperature of your breast milk normally.
    Otherwise, if you really want it warmed, you should be able to ask the cabin crew to put it (the milk carton) in a container of warm/hot water for a few minutes. But if you do this, remember to test the temperature of the milk before giving it you your little one.
    Either way, hope you have a good flight and a great reunion.

  2. Tasha says:

    yea i supose you can just give it like it is, if your baby likes warm milk then maybe best to
    try heat it if possible by poaring into a bottle then putting bottle in hot water..

    why dont you express some milk and put it into bottles and take it like that? you can
    get breast pumps… ??

  3. Ava Brown aka Rain Dance Pdooma says:

    If he’s not used to formula feeding at all, the sudden change could upset his stomach. It would be a lot easier to pump or to just feeding on the plane under a blanket than to deal with a screaming constipated baby or with horrible diarrhea.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Ready made formula can be used warmed or at room temp it should say on the carton

  5. politically correct says:

    If your baby has not had formula before, I wouldn’t try it for the first time on the plane. It could make him constipated during your trip, and that would be unpleasant. Also, if he has not had a bottle before, he may not like it. As an alternative, I would recommend pumping, and putting your breastmilk in a cooler (if you know for sure he’ll drink from a bottle). You don’t necessarily have to warm it up. For an 8 hr flight, you’re going to be in a lot of pain if you don’t breastfeed at some point. Some airports have "family restrooms" with a couch in it. You can lock the door, and sit and breastfeed. Do this before you fly. Some planes have specific bathrooms with a changing table for babies. If you want to breastfeed in there, you can – even if it’s not the most sanitary, it will at least give you the privacy you want. Just tell the steward you may be a while, so they can redirect other passengers. Then when you land, find another family restroom to breastfeed in.

    Good luck!

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