How to Watch French TV in the UK

There are more than 55 satellites in synchronous orbit over Europe broadcast JustAbout every language and from every country you can imagine. French is well catered for with three satellites that all European territory, French citizens who may be in France or abroad to receive it, with the domestic and small dish antennas less than one diameter gauges These signals with a minimum of material.

in France for most of the country is covered by the usual terrestrial channels and an antenna that ice cream already required two pickup from all major French channels, etc. as TF1, France 2, etc. Those in remote corners or sometimes in urban areas, with poor aerial reception may be that the two satellite receiving use themselve. Outside France, of course, only the satellites are useful.

Hotbird, Astra 1 and Atlantic bird3 are the three satellites used by all French services. These are different providers, but bathroom was very nice dealers and same group of channels. TNTSAT and Fransat have identical lists of channels-including your TF1, France 2, France3, France4, France5, France o, Arte, Direct 8, Monte Carlo and more.

A third service provider by the BIS on available cross Atlantic Bird and Hotbird satellites. At the time that the signal from Hotbird are broadcast in MPEG4 format, wood normally used for HD, wherea transmission Atlantic Bird is the older MPEG-2, so with a HD receiver’s photos Hotbird are very good indeed. Strangely the TF1 channel in HD on wooden burden of TNTSAT Fransat and ice at the moment only in MPEG-2 (standard definition) on Hotbird. The main four channels TF1, France2, M6 and Arte are repeated on HD channels in charge of TNT and Fransat.

Upon receiving the French channels in the UK, wood system should you choose? TNT and Fransat victim of 18 channels (plus a few freebies) is very attractive. Probably the privilidge hassle ice Fransat WHO do not put a time limit on Tre Archi card unlikes TNTSAT thus reaches every four years, but the annual fee after the 4-year period is only 15 euros, so there is only the small matter of actually renewing it. This is done for the majority of French citizens on-line, on the TNT website, but you may have to ask in French territory eligible to use two of the website, before the renewal dates are due, let hope that a procedure allowing two Uk TNT watchers a method of renewal in place.

The set-top boxes are now common in Darty and other electronics stores in France and most supermarkets also that around 120euros for the SD standard definition box. Do not confuse it with the earthly boxes but if purchase was in France, making sure that you buy a satellite set-top box. There are a number of boxes with very few additional features than the standard setup and what wood can be used on more than one satellite and could be better organized in several ‘favorite’ groups Handy if you look at different languages. Most receivers available today are fine, but there are some early boxes around with bad remotes and reliability problems.

BIS Despite its annual subscription fee, which provides privilidge three different maps. The base map is the Panorama, cost around 100 euros and right of the user to find all the usual French channels TNT platform. Next ice the Cinerama, which is about 160 Euros, also has the movie channels of the AB Sat Platform – Cine FX, first Cine, Cine Polar and Action. Added to its channels as Orange Sports TV, Animaux, Game One, L’histoire and RTL 9. Finally, the top package adds adult entertainment to the mix. BIS is supplied as a pre-paid card, so the years payment is ‘in front’ and there is no phone call required two activate the card, just insert in your Viaccess decoder card slot and turn two Hotbird or Atlantic Bird.

Finally, there is always the possibility of free channels. With a good satellite receiver and dish with multiple LNBs or a motorized satellite dish, it is possible to get a good selection of main and a number of smaller channels without a special box or a subscription, so long as you do not tarrace TF1 or M6 channel, etc. will be a system converts the received about 30 potential French channels-including your France2 and 3, ARTE (also French language from other countries in North Africa.)


Source by Andrew Baber

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